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A Lull in the Month

Charlie's Happy Face

Growing up, I was always told that College would be the best time of my life. All of the little things didn’t matter because once you turned 18 and went to college, you were free. Liar, liar, pants on fire. High school was probably the peak of my efficiency. I had little responsibility that bled out past the school bell. Now, juggling work, school, friendships, and family relationships has taken its toll. To me, a month is a week, a week is a day, and every night I take a short nap. Lack of sleep has only aided my procrastination.

Rainy Day Visitors

Fortunately, I have had a light work week and feel like catching up. I have been forced inside because of the constant raining in the “Sunshine State”. My dog was pushed to destruction early on and frogs are getting plenty of use out of the doggy door. On one hand, my shoes, jeans, and dress bottoms have never been more damp. On another, I found great pieces at the mall! Recently I have been drawn to natural, woodsy, colors, combined with sheer or light fabrics. I pair these lots of gold and feathers.

My chocolate cake with warm Nutella in the middle were quite the success at my mother’s book club meeting. Pictures and recipe are coming soon to “The Kitchen”.

What Charlie's happy face means ....


Rain, Rain, Go Away…

The weather forecast is bleak. Rain, rain, and more rain all the way through Friday! It’s almost as though the sky is trying to make up for the drought of summer. I began my day with my everyday morning show, Elvis Duran & the Morning Show. I got close to finishing my first acrylic painting last night. I always feel a little sense of failure when upon unveiling a new project, the first question is, “what is it?”. Even though recognition and praise is quick to follow, I always feel a first reaction is a true reaction. Maybe I just need to work on the techniques and details that make a painting more realistic. Take a look.

I recently picked up the 7th book in my most recent series obsession, the Chronicles of Elantra. I enjoy that she lets her heroine, Kaylin, have a sarcastic, spit-fire attitude, while still saving the day, again and again. You can find more information on her and her works here. I must say that I do find her novels a bit wordy, but I am learning to appreciate that. I have a family absolutely FULL of readers. As I get older, I find myself skimming over more content than usual. Michelle’s way of leading the reader into understanding her sometimes abstract ideas, forces a calm pace and better imagery in my mind. The draw back, even though I do take more time with her books than any others, I am finished within four days. After four days of bliss, I am forced to wait a YEAR for her next installment. I have been forcing myself to set it aside and do other things just to draw the book out over a longer period of time. Highly frustrating for a lover of the series such as myself.

Michelle Sagara Elantra Series

You can tell these have been well used.

On another note, I plan on starting up ‘The Kitchen’ section as soon as I get off the couch and make it to the grocery store.

The Beginning of the End

Just part of my weekly shows

I usually filled my free time with an obnoxious amount of television, a bit of snacking, and a fair bit of sleeping. After a particularly slow DVR week, I set out to stumble upon something new. Up until this point the extent of my craftiness was restricted to some sketches and a couple of pictures using a point and shoot camera. I suppose this is my way of throwing together all of my latest endeavors in one location. Looking back at my projects and remembering the time I put in to them only pushes me to try even more. I believe this is the beginning of the end for my lazy, movie marathon days.