Weekday Finds

I found a few new pieces from my impromptu visit to the mall one afternoon. I was glad that could find some of the styles I had been looking for. It was also good practice in the subtle art of self control. I had to stop myself from buying up the whole store.


This shirt reminded me of Courtney Kerr’s outfit. While I liked that she pair it with the thick rimmed glasses I love, I’m not sure I am so daring.

I found this shirt in brown and mustard. I was compelled to pick up something mustard since I saw Kourt Kardashian in that mustard cocktail dress. I know it’s not a color for everyone (my mom hated it) I think my tan skin gives me a little leeway.


Not all of these are brand new but they are the “looks” I have been going on. I seem to have a favorite size, not too small and not too large. I usually gravitate toward medium-large, heavy, metal rings. The only shiny bits on me will be found on my fingers. Some rhinestones are allowed, but they must be offset by a pop of color. I like light pastel colors and bronze, slightly distressed metals. That mustache caught the corner of my eye and I had to snatch it up. I’ve seen a big increase in mustache art and jewelery lately.


About bitbybitcraft

After a childhood of unfinished projects, I am making up for lost time by throwing myself into lots of projects today. I have always lived in a household with lots going on and travelled all over the place. I enjoy photography, pencil/charcoal sketching, reading, cooking, fashion, animals, and organizing.

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